endodoncjaIn many cases, a patient visiting a dentist with a toothache hears this: “We need to perform root canal work.”  In fact, every tooth is a small organism with its own innervation and vascularization.

When a tooth loses its stability, e.g. due to a deep cavity, the result is pulp inflammation that causes pain. The pain itself may be of greater or lesser intensity.

Endodontic treatment involves removing the infected internal tooth tissue and cleaning its channel, followed by disinfecting and tightly sealing the tooth with the proper materials.

For this purpose, in our clinic we use cutting-edge equipment (including OPMI pico ZEISS microscope) and materials: nitinol machine tools and hot gutta percha. Electronic measurement of the root canal length and the distance from the root apex is performed using highly-accurate Morita endometers.

When processing the root canal, we often use endodontic microengines with rotary instrumentation systems, as well as ultrasonic instruments for root canal processing.

Digital radiovisiography is very important in the course of treatment. In the most difficult cases, we use a CT scanner to radiologically control the whole course of root canal work. Minimization of radiation has turned imaging into a safe procedure.

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