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Modern Prosthodontics


Modern prosthodontics demand a comprehensive approach that takes into account almost all existing dental branches — from conservative dental and orthodontic treatment to dentures and dental implantation.

Every prosthodontic procedure is preceded by a detailed analysis of diagnostic models and X-ray imaging. In some cases, we even use a CT scanner (3D imaging). The patient is provided with a number of options for restoring missing teeth and can choose the most convenient one.

In the scope of prosthetics, we offer:

  • All-ceramic veneers
  • Permanent crowns (crowns, bridges, implant crowns) made of traditional metal alloys or gold)
  • All-ceramic permanent crowns (zirconium dioxide subframe Procera crowns)
  • Onlays and inlays (fillings prepared in the lab)
  • Crown root inlays (glass fiber, titanium, zirconium, or gold)
  • Removable prostheses (dentures, skeleton dentures, and splint-dentures)
  • Removable and fixed prostheses combinations (dental arch restoration) connected via clips or latches

In the scope of dental implantoprosthetics, we offer:

  • Crowns and bridges fixed on implants (on aesthetic titanium abutments)
  • Cad-Cam full-arch tooth replacement (titanium or zirconium milling)
  • Titanium Cad-Cam bars
  • Overdentures on Locator or Syncone abutments

We guarantee high quality prosthetic work thanks to our cooperation with an experienced prosthetics lab, which emphasizes precision, optimal materials, and technology, and most importantly — listens to patients’ expectations, just like we do.

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Magdalena Nadolna-KarpińskaEwelina LubońRadosław Romanik

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