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Our well-qualified personnel guarantee the highest quality of orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontics specialist Patrycja Downarowicz, PhD, approaches her patients individually, with passion and common sense.

Nowadays, when a beautiful smile is such an asset in our professional and private lives, orthodontics is one of the most popular and fastest developing areas of dentistry. Orthodontics involves controlling and correcting the arrangement of the teeth and facial skeleton. Apart from improving appearance and well-being, an effective orthodontics treatment delays facial aging and enhances pronunciation, as well as allowing for easier teeth cleaning.

Procedures we offer:

  • Orthodontics for children (permanent and removable retainers)
  • Orthodontics for adults (permanent retainers)
  • Preprosthetic orthodontics
  • Preimplantation orthodontics
  • Orthognatics

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional metal wired braces: Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces. They are made of the highest quality materials and provide precise dental correction. Brackets and bands are adhered directly to the teeth while an archwire is attached to the brackets with elastic ties. Pressure of the archwire is what activates movement of the teeth.

Aesthetic braces: With aesthetic braces, clear or tooth-colored brackets made from ceramics or from sapphire are used along with invisible elastic ties making these braces less visible. Movement of the teeth is still activated by a metal archwire, however in the first stages of treatment the archwire may be coated white.

Self-ligating braces: This ligature-free technique is another step in the development of orthodontics providing a new treatment option to traditional fixed dental appliances. During treatment, it is important that the metal archwire moves loosely in the gap of the bracket. For this reason, a self-ligating bracket has been developed in which the friction between the bracket and the archwire has been reduced to a minimum due to the special “door” in its construction. Such construction of the bracket shortens orthodontic treatment, reduces the number of office visits, and significantly lessens pain related to the use of the device. Damon braces (Damon system) is the first self-ligating device setting the standard for all self-ligating braces. The advantage of the Damon system in relation to other systems is: reduced time of orthodontic treatment, fewer office visits, less pain during treatment, and reducing the need to remove teeth.

Invisible splints (Clear Aligner, invisible orthodontic treatment): These transparent aligner splints fit over the teeth allowing the patient to put them on and take them off themselves. This method is for patients looking for the most cosmetically pleasing  treatment. Clear Aligner splints can be used to correct malocclusion and are intended for small to medium bite and tooth alignment defects. This treatment option is often used after completion of treatment with braces.

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