Orthodontics at Any Age

Our well-qualified personnel guarantee the highest quality of orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontics specialist Patrycja Downarowicz, PhD, approaches her patients individually, with passion and common sense.

Nowadays, when a beautiful smile is such an asset in our professional and private lives, orthodontics is one of the most popular and fastest developing areas of dentistry. Orthodontics involves controlling and correcting the arrangement of the teeth and facial skeleton. Apart from improving appearance and well-being, an effective orthodontics treatment delays facial aging and enhances pronunciation, as well as allowing for easier teeth cleaning.

Procedures we offer:

  • Orthodontics for children (permanent and removable retainers)
  • Orthodontics for adults (permanent retainers)
  • Preprosthetic orthodontics
  • Preimplantation orthodontics
  • Orthognatics

Our specialists:

Patrycja Downarowicz

Other services:

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