Pediatric Dentistry

dzieciecaChildren are sensitive patients who often experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. An unpleasant experience will be remembered by your child for a long time.

We meet the problem by planning initial adaptation visits consisting of a fun activity that helps children get used to cooperating with a dentist.

Our dentists who work with children are very kind and warm. They have extensive experience in working with the youngest of our patients. As a reward for the visit, the child may pick a filling in their favorite color. At the end of each visit, our young patients are presented with a gift and diploma for bravery.

Procedures for the youngest include:

  • Cauterization of milk teeth with silver nitrate
  • Treatment and extraction of milk teeth
  • Preventive fluoride treatment
  • Sealing and coating of permanent teeth

Our specialists:

Ewelina LubońJustyna BłaszczykNatalia Lach

Other services:

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