peridontologiaPeriodontology is a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of diseases of periodontium (i.e. tissues surrounding a tooth) and oral mucosa.

Symptoms like bleeding, swelling, redness of gums, bad breath, exposed necks of teeth or loosening of teeth may indicate periodontal disease and are often ignored.

To provide our patients with comprehensive and long-term care in the scope of periodontal diseases, we offer the following treatments:

  • Prophylactic treatments with detailed instructions on oral hygiene:
  • Scaling (removing supra- and subgingival plaque) and Sandblasting (removing tartar and teeth polishing)
  • Closed curettage (elimination of granulation tissue, bacterial toxins, and infected tissues)
  • Open curettage
  • Controlled regeneration of periodontium tissues with the use of bone substitute granules (Bio-Oss) and barrier membranes (Bio-Gide)
  • Soft tissue grafting — gingival recession coverage
  • Splinting of loosened teeth (fiber splint)

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