profilaktykaWe would all like to have healthy and beautiful teeth in our later years. We are aware of the fact that a healthy mouth contributes to quality of life and appearance, which also affects our well-being and appreciation of others.

Prophylaxis aims not only at preventing diseases, but also preventing an existing disease from spreading and protecting against disease-related complications.

Everyday prophylactic treatment that anyone can do at home is properly brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, and avoiding foods that cause caries formation. However, sometimes that is not enough and professional prophylaxis becomes necessary. Our dentists are supported by qualified dental hygienists, who carry out hygienic procedures with great commitment and in accordance to their qualifications.

Offered procedures:

  • Ultrasonic removal of plaque, supra- and subgingival calculus deposits — scaling
  • Removing tartar and discolorations using Air Flow Method — sandblasting
  • Fluoride therapy with high-fluoride preparations
  • Pit and fissure sealing protecting the teeth from caries
  • Coating with fluoride preparations
  • Instructions on oral hygiene

Pregnant women can be sure we will treat them with special care, providing them with a unique prophylaxis and treatment program prepared in cooperation with gynecologists.

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