Radiovisography (digital RVG imaging of the teeth) constitutes an important part of dental treatment. It is a modern and accurate diagnostic tool used during the course of dental

Our clinic is equipped with:

  • Spot X-ray tubes at each chair for perapicial intraoral imaging
  • Pantomograph for basic pantomograph imaging visualizing the whole upper and lower jaw along with mandibular joints
  • 3D imaging system with the newest software for computer tomography scans allowing for detailed and comprehensive diagnostics

How do patients benefit from radiovisography?

  • X-ray intraoral imaging radiation is minimized by up to 90%
  • The image is ready to be used instantly
  • The image can be processed (through magnification, contrast adjustment, or using filters) to facilitate diagnosis
  • It’s easier to transfer images within the clinic and with other specialists
  • Data archiving and data access is more convenient

All of our dental units are equipped with a multimedia system comprising an intraoral camcorder and a display, in order to document the course of each procedure.

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