chirurgiaWe perform surgical procedures in the oral cavity for either removing lesions or supporting conservative, orthodontic, or prosthetic treatment.

The last group of procedures covers reconstructions (with bone grafts — implants) and regenerative procedures before prosthetic and implantoprosthetic treatment.

Procedures supporting endodontic therapy (root canal treatment):

  • Root amputation (cutting off the affected part of the root)
  • Hemisection (cutting a tooth in half to remove damaged bone, root, or crown)
  • Radectomy (single root amputation)

Dental surgery treatments:

  • Tooth extractions: impacted teeth, wisdom teeth
  • Leftover teeth extraction
  • Oral mucosa lesions removal
  • Procedures supporting orthodontic treatment (cutting the frenulum, exposing impacted teeth, corticotomy, distractions)

Surgical procedures used in periodontium treatment:

  • Open curettage with the usage of supporting materials (Bio-oss, Emdogein)
  • Gingival recession coverage (palatal autograft)
  • Gingivoplasty

Pre- and post-implantation surgical procedures (bone reconstruction):

  • Sinus lift
  • Augmentation of alveolar process
  • Distraction of alveolar process

Preprosthetic treatments — prosthetic base preparation.

All the offered treatments require an individualized approach to the patient, accurate diagnosis, and careful performance. In order to choose the most accurate and effective treatment that poses the least risk of failure, it is sometimes necessary to perform additional diagnostic or radiologic examinations and consult with other specialists.

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