Teeth Whitening

wybielanieTo guarantee a shiny smile to our patients, we use two methods of teeth whitening. Both are extremely efficient and safe.

We offer in-facility (BEYOND lamp) and night (overlay) teeth whitening. Before each procedure, it is required to consult a dentist and undergo a professional hygienic procedure — scaling (removing plaque) and sandblasting (removing tartar and teeth polishing), to achieve a better end result.

  • One of the most effective methods is whitening the teeth using the BEYOND method. A full cycle ensuring optimal cosmetic effect takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cycle consists of patient preparation and 3 × 15-minute sessions of BEYOND lamp therapy. In the case of very dark or “difficult” teeth and an unsatisfactory cosmetic effect, the cycle is repeated after two weeks (with no additional costs).
  • Overlay whitening (night) using two overlays prepared by a lab, applied on the upper and lower jaw, and 8 syringes of whitening gel.

If tooth sensitivity occurs, we provide our patient with full care.

Should you choose the BEYOND method, we have a PROMOTION for you!

The price for one person is PLN 1,000, PROMOTION FOR TWO — each person pays PLN 900.

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